Raj Arora

Technical Lead @Tavant.🧑‍💻☕
💻 Developer by day, 🎮 Gamer by night
☕ Sometimes coffee lover
🎮 A good player in call of duty
📷 Sometimes love photography!

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Noida, India
Technical Lead
May 2023 - Present
  • Taking a lead role for creating a Truterra dairy UI app from scratch, a tool that helps farmer in agriculture.
  • Creating a theme typography framework, a store at global level using Jotai with Tanstack query to store API response which helps to connect other components to access API response.
  • Taking the responsibility for reviewing other development team PRs before deploying to production.

Treez Inc.

Kerala, India
Senior Software
September 2022 - April 2023
  • Creating Micro Frontend repos for Organization management, UI dashboard, navigation menu and login UI and contributing code on the frontend with creating global styles, typography, themes and builtin UI designs.
  • Working with global engineering team to deliver MSO products in a medical industry across US and Canada.
  • Creating a UI storybook from the scratch using TypeScript, React and MUI framework with modern UI tools.

Taboola IL

Ramat Gan, Israel
Software Engineer
R&D Supply
September 2021 - August 2022
  • Worked on CWV world to improve performance, helping products to provide report daily via creating an automation tool that runs on rabbitMQ, PSI API, and Google spreadsheet API and send daily to products.
  • Creating product features on the recommendation platform using Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, SASS, gulp and many more using modern technologies that serves Taboola on premium publishers like USA today, BBC, NDTV etc.

Taboola APAC

Bangkok, Thailand
Senior Solution
May 2019 - August 2021
  • Leading the initiative for creating an AI based bot that can send an alert awareness to the relevant team globally across all regions.
  • Working in Taboola's RBox feed, widgets etc products with Israel R&D team.
  • Solving complex production issues with debugging skills within a limited time.
  • Writing clean, sustainable code with Node.js, karma/jasmine test and participate in peer code-reviews, taking ownership and working with global engineering team and bringing brainstorm new ideas together with team to deliver product and improving performance.
  • Working with international team to deliver client's requirement from all around the globe to integrate Taboola.

Taboola IL

Ramat Gan, Israel
Senior Solution
April 2019 - May 2019
  • As a trainee, have learnt collaboration with team to work on server level platform.
  • Solving complex issues on UI and frontend technologies as well the part of international team to deliver tasks on time.


Mumbai, India
Frontend Developer
May 2016 - April 2019
  • Levelling up with React/Redux to move whole website with newest version.
  • Front end role involved for integrating third party applications (Integrating applications with different organizations).
  • Updating each and every tasks on Jira, having daily scrums to follow and updating products backlog time to time.
  • Analyze code for system testing and debugging for solving issues.
  • Worked with customer and product manager to prioritize and validate requirements.
  • Working environment used as Docker, Mac, Git, Stash, Github, Merging pull request, Source tree, Sublime etc.

Bigtree University

Mumbai, India
Frontend Developer
January'16 - March 2016
  • Trainee role involved for working in BookMyShow Indonesia website.
  • Technology worked on core PHP, parsing JSON, gulpfile.js, API callback handling.
  • Updating each and every tasks on Jira, having daily scrums to follow and updating products backlog time to time.
  • Working environment used as Docker, Git, Stash, Github, Merging pull request, Source tree, Sublime etc.

<Education />

Bachelors in Computer Science

Rajasthan Technical University
2012 - 2016
Completed graduation 4 years of course in computer science stream at 2016.

Senior Secondary education

2011 - 2012
Completed senior secondary education from central board of secondary education.

Secondary education

2010 - 2011
Completed secondary education from central board of secondary education.

<Professional Skills />

JAVA Javascript React.js Golang Redux React native
Next.js Headless chrome Python
Docker Selenium Bootstrap
Gulp.js Heroku Servlets/JSP DigitalOcean

<Projects />

Hindi Wordle

React, Typescript, Javascript, node.js

Taboola Loader

Typescript, Javascript, node.js

Taboola Selector

Vanilla javascript, Data structure for xpath algorithm

Kumar AI - personal assistant

Machine Learning, Java, Servlets, PHP, MySql, Gradle, Javascript, Json, Bootstrap, Heroku

Paste long text easily

Javascript, Chrome extension

English-Hindi Dictionary

Javascript, Chrome extension

Radio Player

Nodejs, Express

Discussion forum for programmers

Java, JSP, Servlets, MySql, Openshift, rhc tools

Linkedin Bot

Headless chrome, selenium, jenkins, java

College Management System

Javascript, HTML, Jquery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySql

Ecommerce crawler

Automation, selenium, Java, Jenkins, heroku

IMDB (Internet movie database)

JSP, Servlets, MySql, Heroku cli

Angular 2 Heroku boilerplate

Angular 2, Heroku cli, git

Pastebin tool

JavaScript, Java, servlets, MySql, JSP

TMDB popular movies listing

HTML, React, Redux, Javascript

Twitter bot

Python, Tweepy

Bulk Email Screenshot

Java, Selenium, Headless chrome

Helping Bot

Javascript, HTML, Jquery

Generating reports in PDF

PHP, MySql, PHP, Javascript, HTML, Jquery

Compare Specification app

React.js, Javascript, HTML, Webpack, Cheerio, Node.js, Server/Client

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I'm currently working in Treez Inc. as Senior Software Engineer with R&D team. If you need any further information related to technologies or development related information, feel free to ask.

I can help with the following:

  • App development with ReactJS
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development with Java, JSP/Servlets, Node.js, PHP
  • Selenium automation, Phantomjs, Chrome headless, Sikuli
  • Deep/Machine learning, Tensorflow

Drop me a line at [email protected].

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